The New La Penita Malecon in Mexico

The Beautiful New La Penita Malecon

A beauty of a day indeed, as it was a bright bluebird Riviera Nayarit day when I visited La Penita to get some recent photos of the new La Penita malecon, and the newly paved streets with sidewalks a couple of days ago. It was a real cooker of a summer day and hot in the sun, but, standing on the new La Penita malecon and looking out over the ocean viewing Coral Island off in the distance with the pelicans lining the beach was amazingly beautiful!

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A Great Addition to La Penita!
As it has seemed like forever, the vision that was once a dream for many years is now almost completed.  The La Penita malecon is finished, and it looks like it has been well worth all of the dust, torn up streets and the long wait.
Old structures were torn down, as well as the streets being torn up during the high season; enduring all of the dust and the mess last year has now unfolded to a new and very beautiful malecon that all will surely enjoy. There is still some work left to be done on the new sidewalks. There are some deep rectangular deep holes for the electrical work that are not blocked off so watch your step! As, one could seriously injure oneself! Especially after a few beers or margaritas!

The new malecon is quite a beauty to behold, with inlaid pebbles in a large zig-zag design and a Riviera Nayarit logo painted at both ends.  There are plenty of very comfortable benches for seating with Queen Palms planted next to them that will someday bring the beautiful shade.  The new light posts add to the charm.  Easy wide steps lead up to the malecon, as well as wheelchair ramps making the malecon assessable for everyone. It is really adding a nice touch to this pueblo!

La Penita, Nayarit, a very authentic Mexican pueblo, is located between Rincon de Guayabitos and Chacala on the Jaltemba Bay.

La Penita has not seen many town upgrades for quite a while. This pueblo is a family orientated town, but also an industrial type of town where you can go and get anything that you are needing to build, create or fix. It is a favorite for many visitors and snowbirds that relocate for 6 months out of the year during the high season, from November through April, or until Semana Santa begins!

The beachfront La Penita restaurant, Las Brisas, who use to set up tables on the beach serving ice cold beers and great burgers, looks like they are remodeling and gearing up for high season with the newly built malecon right in front of the restaurant. Haitham and Lucy Dlensi of El Rincon Del Arabe have moved to their new location which is just up from the malecon on one of the new streets and will be selling all kinds of fun Arabic / Egyptian items, as well as their awesome menu of delicious Arabic and Mexican cuisine. Its nice they are open all year around for all of the La Penita locals and visitors..especially during the summer when most other restaurants are closed until October or November.

Things are looking up for La Penita Mexico!
The La Penita Tianguis runs all year long, every Thursday, starting at 8am and ending about noon to 1 pm.during the summer.  It is the largest tianguis the Riviera Nayarit during the high season.

I am quite sure that everyone venturing to La Penita this year will be quite pleased this coming high season, as the locals are already enjoying the ambiance of the La Penita malecon this summer.

Enjoy the day on the La Penita malecon, or perhaps for a beautiful Riviera Nayarit Sunset!

Discover the new La Penita malecon on your Riviera Nayarit vacation in Mexico!

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