La Penita Shops & Art Galleries

For your convenience, our La Penita shops are classified by type of establishment making it easier to find the kind of stores that match your preferences.

Imagine an authentic Mexican town on the Pacific Coast with an international mix of residents primarily from Mexico but also from the USA, Canada, Europe, and other countries. This town is La Penita and its traditional Mexican character influences the strong cultural heritage evident in its many items, such as art, handicrafts, collectibles, clothing, jewelry, and others.  With such an authentic character, travelers and residents can discover many things they may never have seen before.

Different qualities make the shopping experience in La Penita enjoyable, such as the many types of shops in town and the wide variety of items offered at these shops.  Since everything is located on or near the main avenue (La Avenida), most of the shops and stores are easily accessible, and the vendors are quite friendly.  It’s also a picturesque setting for walking along cobblestone roads with cheerful storefronts complemented by sunny skies and clean ocean air surrounded by rolling hillsides and tropical rainforests.

In La Penita, nearly every type of imaginable shop exists with nearly every kind of imaginable item, whether internationally imported or locally owned and grown, including natural specialties such as robust Mexican tobacco and organic Nayarit coffee. The Riviera Nayarit has a rich cultural history that yields extraordinary arts, crafts, and jewelry created by the native Huichol and Cora Indians.  Their detailed bead work and yarn art of all types burst with bright, lively colors.

Traditional items aside, the town is full of quaint shops that also carry contemporary items, such as casual clothing, beachwear and swimwear, leather sandals, jewelry and gifts, including current Mexican fashions and accessories. Other shops feature original items that reflect the area’s regional and cultural beauty, such as town’s various art galleries and art shops that exhibit delightful creations from talented local artists, including paintings, photographs, and sculptures.

For people who love to shop, this authentic Mexican town offers enough variety, rivaling some of the bigger shopping meccas, with its many original creations and unique specialty stores. The friendly, relaxed merchants of La Penita say, “Welcome” (Bienvenido), and are waiting to show you their treasures.

We invite you to discover the wide variety of shops and art offered in La Penita de Jaltemba, Mexico.

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